Need a blank Divi Child Theme?

To get yourself started, download our blank Divi child theme. This theme can be uploaded and activated on your WordPress website with a base installation of Divi. When activated, your Divi site will not change as there is no custom CSS in the style.css file.

This is a blank page for you to create your new Divi website without the worry of losing your edits when you update the parent Divi theme. If you want to edit any of your themes php files you just copy them over to the child theme’s folder and make the edits there.

To use this blank Divi child theme you will need:

1. The Divi parent theme by Elegant Themes.

The child theme zip contains 5 files.

  1. A style.css file which is where you add your own custom CSS to style your Divi theme. We recommend editing this file to enter your custom theme name and or company.
  2. A screenshot.jpg which shows up in your themes section – looks professional! This can be replaced with your own JPG or PNG file.
  3. A functions.php file
  4. A header.php file
  5. A footer.php file

In reality, you only need the functions.php file – but since most people edit the header and footer we included those as well.

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