Since its release, Divi has changed the entire landscape of web design and development. Divi is a product made by ElegantThemes, one of the top producers of WordPress templets around today. I joined ElegantThemes years ago when it was only $19.95 a year to join. Nowadays you’ll pay a premium of $89.00 a year and $249.00 for unlimited. I’ll tell you now, that Divi is well worth the price.

The Divi Visual Builder allows you to create like no other builder available on the internet. Another perk about using Divi is that you are now part of one of the largest, most helpful communities around. Nick Roach, the founder, and CEO of ElegantThemes conceptualized a product that web designers with no working knowledge of CSS or HTML could use to create stunning Divi websites. But due to the creative flow that Divi allows, many professionals, including those who know coding are using this awesome product.

I highly recommend trying out the free demo version of Divi. You can pick up a copy here:  I must warn you though, Divi is highly addictive and you will soon find yourself preferring the Divi Visual Builders over all other builders.

Divi Child Themes

If you want to go above and beyond using Divi, you will have to know a little CSS. It is true that you can build a complete, awesome website without using any code – but there will always be something that is just not quite right, something that you want to change, and this is where CSS is your friend. I am not a coder by any means, but with the release of the Chrome Inspector app – understanding how CSS works becomes a little easier, but there is still a little learning curve. That’s where a Divi Child Themes come in.

What is a Divi child theme you may ask? Anything Divi, has to have a base installation of the Divi Theme. ElegantThemes is excellent at keeping their software up-to-date and bug free, so they are constantly providing updates. Any changes (with the exception of the Additional CSS Section) that you may make to any core files (functions.php, header.php, etc.) will be lost with the next update from ElegantThemes. With a Child Theme – you do not have to worry about that. I’m thinking of a way to phrase this: A parent installation of Divi “feeds” its functions to the Child Theme. Any updates to the Parent Theme’s core files will trickle down to the Child Theme – without changing any special customizations you may have made to the child theme. I hope that explains it!

Today you can buy Divi Child Themes from a myriad of different professional web shops online. These themes are custom created, and often include features that you cant get with a regular, plain old installation of Divi. They come in all shapes and sizes, custom designed for particular businesses, blogs, or web stores. Styles vary greatly and you might be daunted by the selection.

The best thing about Divi Child Themes is that they are cheap. Compared to the price of having your website built by a professional – you could save thousands! Child Themes and Divi Layouts range from free to $170 (at least that’s the highest one I found). Most Divi themes will run you between $25 and $50. Find a designer whose style you like, make sure they offer tech support if needed. Also, check their social media profiles – make sure they are legit – and they may offer coupons or discounts you didn’t know about.

Divi Layout Packs

In my opinion, Divi Child Themes and Divi Layout Packs are pretty much identical. The exception is that you can install a Layout Pack without a child theme – just Divi. Divi Layout Packs are usually one-page scrollers with anchor point navigation systems. Sometimes they are several pages. They can be installed by importing a JSON file or a plugin such as J.E.D.I. which is the plugin that we use here at Divi Ready Themes. Its one-step easy demo import is flawless (99.98% of the time).

Usually, the same Divi designers will offer Layout Packs and Child themes. Layout Packs are usually cheaper than child themes. Another great resource for layout packs is ElegantThemes themselves. Once you are a member, you are privy to 140 and growing list of FREE Divi Layout Packs. These are also available in a multitude of different styles and a whole slew of different business types and industries. Nick Roach and his team over at ElegantThemes are top notch artists to say the least.

Final Thoughts

Whether you use a Divi Child Theme, a Divi Layout Pack or just Divi itself – it’s almost impossible to make an ugly website. Layout packs are great for one-page scrollers and simpler Divi websites. They are also usually cheaper than Child Themes or flat out free. If you need a little more, go for a Child Theme. There are some great examples out there for sale on the web. Once you see them you’ll know what I’m talking about – they are available in almost any style you can imagine!

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