Installing a Divi Ready Themes Divi Child Theme

Step-by-step instructions on how to install our Divi Ready Themes Divi Child themes. Say that 3 times fast.

Hey Divi People this is John from Divi Ready Themes here to give you a short tutorial on how to install one of our Divi child themes.

First thing we need is an installation of WordPress. This is a fresh installation of WordPress – as you can see under appearance and themes I have a fresh installation of Divi and under plugins, I’ve got a fresh installation of the Divi builder. So as noted as on our website the themes are installed exactly the same as any other theme. Just go to add new and we’re going to upload a theme, choose your file – I’m going to choose the rockets.  And that is the zip file that you downloaded after you made your purchase.  I mean not this one in particular but whatever theme you bought.

So we’re going ahead go ahead and install that and this might take a while so I’m going to pause and come back. Okay, the upload is completed and just waiting for WordPress to go ahead and finish up what it’s doing – hopefully, you won’t take that long. Okay, the theme is in there so let’s go into our themes and as you can see the Rockets theme is now one of the themes you can choose from so we’re gonna go ahead and activate that.

Okay now if you were to go to the site now, and this is the site right here, let’s do a refresh – you see that nothing changed at all. The step that you have to do after you upload the theme here – you’ll see it right here after the installation of the theme you’ll see the name of the theme that you just bought is now on the side menu here and it has an Easy Demo Import so we’re gonna go ahead and click the Easy Demo Import. We’re going to make sure that everything is checked and we’re going to import demo content. This usually doesn’t take long at all especially for this one.

A Stellar Divi Child Theme

There it is completed now if we go back to our website give it a refresh we have the entire theme now installed. Everything seems to be working, all of the CSS is working CSS has been installed and that is about it. If you go here you’ll see that all the pages have also been installed. If I go to pricing you’ll see if that’s been installed as well. So that’s pretty much it. Takes no time at all and you can have a beautiful Divi Ready Child theme up and ready in minutes.

Thank you – this has been John from Divi Ready Themes and I will catch you on the next video.

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