Save Money And Time with Pre-made Divi child themes and Layouts

One of the greatest advantages of Divi is the vast number of premade custom child themes and layouts available. Professionally designed child themes and layouts can help you save time and money, which increases profits, improves quality, and brings in more clients.

How Using a Premade Custom Child Theme or Layout Will Save You Time and Money on Your Next Project

Child themes and layouts are inexpensive. The time you save can outweigh the cost of the child theme or layout. This is especially true if you hire a professional to design for you. This could save you thousands of dollars.

Colors, font pairings, and layouts are already created for you. Many include images that are free to use. The research for colors and designs for specific genres is already done. This is especially helpful if you work in lots of different genres as this keeps you from having to research multiple fields to know what works for each one.

Custom options are already added so you don’t have to add them to every website you build. Even if you want to make changes to the layout and styling it’s much faster to start with something that’s close to the layout you want than it is to create the layout from the ground up. You already have a professional design for a specific genre from the start.

Coding skills are not required. You can take advantage of having custom CSS and PHP on your website without having to know the code yourself. The customizations can go much further than plugins can because they’re created specifically for that theme or layout.

If you’re creating websites for clients who need a website at a lower price point you can offer them lower prices by using pre-made designs. Use your toolbox of child themes and layouts as a starting point for your clients and build something unique much faster. This saves time for prototyping and developing. You can create a prototype to show your clients much faster than if you’re building from scratch.

Something else to keep in mind is that many developers offer support. So if you run into any issues they can help you through them.

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Which do You Need: a Child Theme or a Layout?

Child themes and layouts can look the same from the frontend, but they are different. Both include a styled layout and can include customized modules and CSS. While they do have some things in common, both have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one will depend on your specific needs.

Layouts are usually the cheaper of the two, as it takes more time and effort to build a child theme. Unless the developer is using something like J.E.D.I. (like those found in the Divi Ready Themes store), the installation is different between the two.

Divi Child Themes

Child themes can include a CSS stylesheet so you don’t have to copy and paste CSS into your Divi theme settings. They can also have new features added via PHP such as functions, headers, footers, sidebars, widgets, etc. Many include features that can’t be packaged with a layout pack.

The can also include menus, (theme customizations using the theme customizer), and they can even include (or require) plugins. They can include global customizations.

The code and features will not be written over when you update the parent theme. Child themes will overwrite your styles and menus if they include them, so multiple child themes cannot be merged but you can build more pages using the layouts in the child theme.

They’re installed like a theme and content has to be imported. The import is usually done with a single click. Once they’re installed, all of the pages and content are in place.

They’re available in both single-page and multi-page designs. Child themes can be updated just like any theme.

Divi Theme Layouts

Layouts don’t include menus or PHP code. If CSS or theme customizer settings are needed they will be added manually. Some include CSS within the modules, which can become tedious to work with if you want to make a lot of changes. Some include CSS as a separate file with instructions on where to place it in the Divi options.

Each page has to be created individually and you have to load the layout for that specific page in order to create it. Layouts only affect a single page, so there are no global customizations. Multiple layouts can be merged.

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A layout doesn’t require a child theme, but you will need a child theme if you plan to make changes in PHP such as headers, footers, archive pages, etc. Fortunately, you can use a layout with a child theme.

Layouts can be imported and saved to your Divi Library, so if you want to create a new page or post using those layouts the design is at your fingertips.

Divi includes free layouts built into the Divi Library. Elegant Themes adds two new professionally designed layout packs every week with 6-8 layouts for each pack. They include royalty-free images that you can use in your projects and they do not require attribution. They’re geared toward a specific industry but can be used for other industries. Everyone that builds with Divi and Extra has access to them. Without a lot of changes to the layouts too many sites will have the same design.

Ending Thoughts

Divi layouts and child themes provide an amazing value. They can save you money by giving you a head start on a design, and you can develop for clients that couldn’t normally afford your services.

To use child themes or layouts you’ll need a copy of Divi from Elegant Themes. With lots of child themes and layouts to choose from, and the user-friendly interface with powerful features, you can’t go wrong with Divi.

You can see lots of WordPress Divi theme examples and save time and money on your next project with Divi child themes from the Divi Ready Themes store.

Do you use Divi child themes and layouts to save time and money? Let us know about it in the comments.

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