Hey there Divi People, this is John from Divi Ready Themes and in today’s video we’re gonna be giving you a preview a little walkthrough of our newest Divi layout kit Legalese. This is our Divi layout kit for anything legal if you have a law firm a lawyer an attorney anything legal that needs a website this one will cover it.

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So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go through the entire site on the regular side with the visual builder not loaded and then we’re going to go through the site on the Divi Builder side and I can show you exactly how it was built and what can be changed and how you can customize it to your own needs.

Okay so let’s go back to the main site and as you can see here it starts off with a picture of a nice woman, looks very professional. “We’re Here to Help” and this button here is for your free case evaluation, zips you down to the form on the page.  These are several seals, lawyers seals that I found – of course you have to put whatever seals that your company has been awarded.

So let’s go through each one of the different sections. Let’s first start with Lawyers. The Lawyer section here you have pictures of all your lawyers, “Only the best lawyers work here” and again a button to free consultation.

If we go to case news, this is a good spot for any winnings that the lawyer has done, any monies that he’s collected for his clients – anything that would be newsworthy

Next section would be the areas. One is practice areas and that shows exactly what the lawyer firm that you’re creating the website for does. This one does personal injury lawyers, family lawyers and criminal defense lawyers, and if we go back to areas.  Areas served then this can be your state’s your counties. Everything can be changed here.

Case evaluation is spot where the clients coming in for the help can fill out the form here, gives all the information that he needs to the lawyer and sends it in.

In the news area can be tied into a blog section, something like that if you want – any kind of any kind of newsworthy stories you want to put there.

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Then you’ve got the contact us area which has a couple of lawyer seals here and then you are in your contact information the address the phone number links in and a way to sign up for the newsletter.

Okay let’s jump over to the Divi Builder side and I’ll show you exactly what can be changed. You’ll notice first thing when you go into this that some of the things look like they’re out of whack but this is because I’m using negative margins so don’t mess around with any of the things that look out of place – they all go into place once you’ve got the site loaded.

This first section here is a regular Divi standard header section. If we click on the gear icon you can see that you can change the text here change whatever text you want down on the bottom here, in the background here the  picture of the woman can be changed to whatever you need.

The free case evaluation is just a button that shoots you down to the form down the page. Right here this next section, the the latest case news this is just a left aligned blog module and you will find that the CSS code in your custom CSS once you upload this theme. This is just a good spot for people to come in and put in latest case news. It pulls from a blog entry. So each one of these are separate blog entries and I’ve just done one with news post number is two for this column and this one here is also news with just two post columns and I’ve set the number I think it is on this one here so you don’t get the same posts.

Okay next section is, this is a spot for a client story if a client wants to tell the story of how well the lawyer helped. Little hover effect here is done with – actually put out a video a tutorial on how to achieve this this hover effect so I’ll put a link in the video transcription to that video so you can learn how to do.

The next section down here is just the regular slider section I’ve got half the slider here which changes the pictures of the lawyers and you’ve got your text here which can be changed to whatever you want it to be. Like I said this is just a regular slider module, and I’ve got two sliders on there. If you look back here you can change the actual pictures here so the first set of lawyers and then the second level says second set of lawyers.

This next section here is a quote from one of your clients here, and this is where the clients would enter all their information, name, address, email, ever been present represented in court before and discuss your case – and that’ll get sent off to the lawyer

The next section here is your practice areas – this is just a regular text section here this can be changed to whatever you want it to be – colors can be changed. These are just different text modules here or personal injury lawyers families shows all the practice areas that are covered.

This next section here the “in the news section” is just a regular image module here you can change and  this is just like a regular blurb section – yes so that becomes linkable, so that’s how this section was created

Here a row of buttons here with a negative margin brings them up on top over here you can see that if we go into the design we go into spacing you see it’s got a negative margin of 31 which brings it on top of the Divi blurb module and gives it a nice look.

This next section here is your “area served.” This one can be changed – this is just a regular image and if we click on it you can see that you can change your state to whatever you want it to be. These are just regular bar text modules.

Next one here is New York personal attorneys – this will tell us a little bit of story about your client a little excerpt there and more stuff about your clients.

Down below, I think this is just one image – yeah just one image here with all the seals here – this is a transparent PNG. file that’s how that was created.

Then you come down here-  this is a custom global footer, it’s not a regular footer, so you can copy this onto any page you want to it’s much easier to configure.

And down here I’ve included all the information and all the links and a way to join the newsletter.

And as you see that is about it on that. So go back to the regular site here you’ll see whenever you’ve got a really long site you should always include a “back to the top” button it makes it much easier for your visitors to get back to the top and they don’t get angry.

Okay, I think that’s it for the video, I just want to remind you guys that we have our new layouts out there now one for MEDz which is a medical Divi layout pack. I’ve got Artisans which is a restaurant, a beautiful Divi restaurant layout kit – this one’s actually a Divi child theme. And if we go to this one here, this is our latest release – this is Tattooz. This is for any tattoo parlor, this is one of my favorite designs we’ve done – not because of the beautiful woman here but because of the way the background flows and I love tattoos and artists and stuff like that.

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So that’s another one of our new Divi templates so make sure you check that out. I’ll make sure I got all the links and everything down below.

I think that’s it for today. I hope you liked the video – if you did like it make sure you subscribe below and like I said, I’ll include links to all the different areas that I covered and I’ll include links to the new the new layout kits that we have.

This has been John from Divi Ready Themes and I will catch you on the next video!


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