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Hello Divi People, this is John from Divi Ready Themes and in today’s video I’m gonna be giving you a little walk through, a little preview of our latest child theme called MEDz. MEDz is a medical doctor small doctor’s office medical professional psychiatrist anything along the medical fields this website can be used for.

Now I’m gonna go through the website on the side here where we’re not in the visual builder and then I’ll go through it on the visual Builders side and you can see how things were made. Okay let’s start at the top here. First thing I want to say is that when you’re using Divi it’s very easy to create those huge, you know image intense flashy graphics animations – but not everybody’s gonna want that and I think a doctor’s office is pretty much not going to want that. Their patients are coming in to get information about their office, get the information they need to call or make an appointment and get out. I don’t think that would be appropriate for this kind of site, so I kept it kind of simple.

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If we go here to the top first thing a visitor is going to see is an email to get in touch with the doctor’s office, a phone number which is most important and a patient portal. A lot of doctors offices have patient portals now where they can check on you know their histories and stuff like that. You can tie this into that into any patient portal you want to.

Next thing we have here is a nice friendly face well not exactly friendly but she looks serious, and here we’ve got our logo we’ve got our first our first tagline than our second tagline then a register with us button.

The next section we have here are the services that this particular doctor’s office might provide ambulatory vaccinations surgery physicians and you’ll see those appear down the page as we go down. Next section here is a little bit about us little image a little accordion.

This is where you can have a nice picture of the doctor’s office that you’re designing at the moment. This one here is another row of tests here.

So let’s jump over to the Divi Builder side and I’ll show you how most of this was put together. Okay so here we are. As I explained before this is a secondary menu and these icons are controlled by little CSS code which you’ll find in the CSS editor. These are just regular links from the menu you know you can change the menu color and this is our logo.

First section here is just a regular section and if I go into the properties of this section go to the background you see that’s where we have a picture of the nurse and that picture can be changed. This section right here is a little a text module which includes our logo anything else we need in here and this is just a button module that’s been modified to match the site.

The next section is the services section and you can see here that we have these nice bold icons. These are not elegant themes icons, this site is tied into fonts awesome and the only thing you really need to do I’m gonna jump over to the theme options. If we go into our Divi options and we go into integration font awesome has a little bit of code that you’re gonna plug into your header and this allows us to plug in those beautiful icons anywhere we want to on any page any widget that we want. Just need this code in there first and then we’re able to do these icons.

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I’ll show you how those are done – each one of these sections is a blurb section and if I go into the code you’ll see right here that we can’t really see anything here it’s here but it’s colored white so that’s why we can’t see it but if we go into the part here you’ll see I have a little line of code here which is gonna pull up that font awesome code there.  If we go to font awesome really quick they have a whole gallery of icons that you can choose from.  So let’s say that you wanted an address book icon you’d go into the address book and here it gives you the code you just copy that code go back to your page. Let’s plug it in right here I’m just going to do it real quick and we’re going to take it out so plug that little piece of code in here and you’ll see that our ambulance change to our address book.

So we’re gonna go ahead and not save this and that’s how that’s created.  A little bit of text the hover effect is accomplished by a little CSS code then for a little blurb hover and the row itself is the background it’s colored blue so when they when the effect comes on changes to the light blue we get that a lover effect

This next section is a little about us section here you can have a picture which can be changed – oops there we go. This is a little text module, this is a little accordion module. The next section here is the hospital of a future section this is a good section to have a nice picture of the doctor’s office that you’re doing the website for. This is just a regular image module that can be changed and we got this here – if you go into the row and go into the backgrounds and that’s column two you see that we got the same picture that we have here as the background. We’ve got the image blend on screen and the background color is this nice blue color so the screening effect gives it this nice washed out blue color.

next we have another row of services after that we have our app section if the hospital that you’re working for the doctor’s office that you’re doing the website for as an app you can put it here is just the regular image that can be changed this is a text module these are other more images you can add more here to want to add the Amazon play something like that.

After that we have a couple more service sections and then we have our making appointment which I think would be the most important part of the doctor’s website would be the make an appointment form so let’s go back to our page out of the Divi visual builder and I’ll show you a couple of pages that we have below that

First one here is Doctors, which is where you’re going to have all the doctors staff. I guess every doctor’s office has a main doctor which would be this woman here then we have our staff.  These are regular people modules that’s how I got the social icons in there. Next is our nursing staff. Next we’re going to go to is clinics and this is a page where you can display the different areas that you’re located I got this one from Florida the sums of California and New York it’s all the same map I just moved it around a little bit to give it a little look then you got your addresses phone numbers friendly little nurse here and they make appointment form again.

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Next we have our services if we just click on services this page shows all the services of the doctor off the doctor’s office performs and I’ve done this little pretty cool thing here as you’re going down it’s counting down to how many of the services they’ve offered then you can click on any individual service it’s not actually live link right now but I’ve included the sample service page if we click down to ambulatory we’ve got a service page just for ambulatory you see here we’ve got the ambulance some facts about that more information the air emergency services and again the form.

Last page would be the contact us and that’s just simply a little float down here for a section this is a Google map section here showing the location of the doctor’s office this little section down here it’s pretty nice this is just a regular text module with more text down here and this is just a regular contact us form that they can fill out and send back to you.

So I think that’s it. Let’s go back to the home page here and that is available for sale on our sites you can find our site at Also in the next few weeks, I’m going to have a new video out for a new theme that we’ve released which is called Legalese. This is a lawyer website here and this one here which hasn’t even been announced yet is Tattooz which I’m working on now this is going to be my tattoo site. This is gonna be an awesome one. If you like this video subscribe below if you’d like to sign up for our email newsletter just go to our site and sign up save yourself 25%

This has been John from Divi Ready Themes and I’ll catch you on the next video.

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